Contact Improvisation

The festival Par Ici la Danse 2022 will be with JULES BECKMAN

August 2022 : From Monday 8th to Sunday 14th

 Salle des Arts et des Cultures, Saint Agrève

In the South of France, Ardèche

The festival Par Ici la Danse! offers an intensive session of performances, meetings and artistic exchanges.

L’Art Sème is an open space to contemporary thought including contact improvisation tools and choreographic practice in every shape and form. We want to communicate our passion for choreographic art and living performances by taking the shape of a research laboratory on motion combinating practice and reflection.

Artistic director: Lisa Gimenez

The full programme of the festival will be communicated soon.

Intensive Workshop from august 8th to 14th with JULES BECKMAN with the thematic : INSTANT, ready to live

Short pieces will be presented in different places by the students.

Schedule:six hours per day

CONTACT / 0033 684 217 589 / lartseme@gmail.com

 Workshop contents: Working with objects

Julyen Hamilton 2015

title   :  WORKING  with OBjeCtS

Julyen Hamilton’s performances are characterised by a number of different reoccurring elements. These elements have been deeply researched and practiced over the years.

They involve light / sound / text and speech ….and the use of objects.

His decor work and use of objects in the space is of essence and

accompanies all of his theatre pieces.

OBjeCtS placed, handled, spoken to, danced beside, destroyed and created…all reveal a particular poetry especially when in the context of the ‘naked’ dancer’s body.

We will take a look at this subject, working the body thoroughly and in the context of objects ‘on stage’.

We’ll consider and practice how to enter into poetic relationships with objects and discover how they can participate and reveal further layers of imagery in performance.

 Terms of enrolment:

Full rate: 370€

Reduced rate: 320€ (job seeker)

Students (and less than 18): 300€

These rates include all activities of the festival (intensive workshop, jams, discovery workshops of Saturday the 29th and half board at L’Art Sème, make sure you have mat and sleeping bag).

There is a possibility to camp or to come with a camper van.

Watch out for accommodation, places are restricted!!

According to your finances, other possibilities of accommodation exist: a campsite is available at the Devesset Lake’s edge and a lot of holiday cottages surround us.

Half board includes breakfast, dinners from Monday to Saturday and Sunday lunch. A kitchen is at your disposal.

>Arrival: Plan to arrive the evening before Monday the 24th. For those who take train, destination is Saint-Etienne / Gare Chateaucreux, carsharings will be organized, departure from Saint-Etienne at 6pm Sunday the 23rd August. Don’t forget to take food for the evening.

>Departure: Carsharings to go to Saint-Etienne are possible the Sunday 30th (arrival in Saint-Etienne at 7pm) or Monday the 31st (arrival in Saint-Etienne at 10am).

Registration: By email : lartseme@gmail.com or phone : +33 (0)4 75 65 01 97, we’ll send you an entry form, you will have to pay a deposit of 80€

-By cheque; at the order of L’Art Sème to this address:

L’Art Sème

Hameau de Malleval

07320 Devesset


-By bank transfer on the association bank account: Credit Agricole Sud Rhône-Alpes

IBAN: FR76 / 1390 / 6000 / 7885 / 0159 / 7945 / 936


Watch Out: Places restricted => BOOK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE !!!

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  1. Hello , please let me know where i can find The Information about Julian hamiltons teaching « Time » from 22.-26.8.16 at your place.
    Thank you so much!
    Warm wishes Kristin

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